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For 15+ years I've been looking for how to grow and SUCCEED flipping cars for profit. I've been exactly where you are and I want to help you from feeling lost and get you off the sidelines and into working for yourself.
 I'm here to help you and teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to flip cars for profit.

Never Before Seen Automotive Reselling Information

I'm laying out my hidden gems. Everything I've learned from seminars, conferences, and 15+ years executing on being an expert on running an automotive dealership.

We've Created A New Program To Help You Flip Cars and Earn Tens of Thousands In Profit!

Sharing Information Almost Nobody Knows About... 

That has the ability to grow your income faster than anything else you’ve ever experienced!

From: Craig aka Flyin' Wheels
New Hampshire.

My name is Craig, and I started my journey flipping cars from my driveway. From there I learned to start my own automotive dealership in numerous states. I love what I do and love what it's provided for my family.

I want to teach you how to do the same.

I've started my own automotive dealership from scratch, mentoring hundreds along the way.

I've been successful in the automotive industry for the better part of fifteen years.

I've gotten a lot of recognition since I started sharing videos on my YouTube channel and Tik-Tok showing others how simple and profitable running a dealership can be!

I want to share with you all the secrets and hidden information that isn't shared on my YouTube channel...

You've probably seen my series on YouTube where I am turning $400 into a Ferrari...

Which is kind of crazy, because the idea of turning $400 into a Ferrari sounds next to impossible... especially considering the fact that even a cheap Ferrari will run over $100,000 and then some.

I'm doing this all from a small town in New Hampshire which means you can do exactly what i'm doing too.
I started with no money... I had to borrow money from friends and family to get going.

I didn't have a mentor, a dealer license, or even parking lot to clean and store the cars I was buying to flip...

And interestingly enough, within two years of starting my business I was making 6+ figures a year!

My local competition had now put me on their radar, and I was employing a handful of people full time to help me in the process.

So... why am I telling you this?
Because... I think you can do exactly what I'm doing with a proven strategy, successful mentor, and 15+ years of demonstrated automotive expertise into EXACTLY how it's done.

I want to be the person who gets you into the automotive industry by showing that you can be honest and make a substantial living or side-hustle while having full integrity.

Many people in this business think you have to be "shady" or rip people off to make money...

That's simply not the case as I've just shown from my personal experience otherwise.

I've helped thousands of people purchase a pre-owned vehicle and transform their lives. I see hundreds of cars I've sold driving around my local area every single day.

Does this sound like something you'd like to see from your automotive business?

On top of that, we're also: 
  • One Of The Fastest Growing Automotive Dealerships in New Hampshire.
  • ​Fastest Growing Automotive Dealer on YouTube.
  • ​#1 Rated For Automotive Dealership Content on Tik-Tok.

What Makes This 
Program Unique?

For 15+ years I've been looking for how to grow and WIN running an automotive dealership. I've been exactly where you are and I don't want you to sit on the sidelines any longer. I put together this program so people can stop wasting their money on resources that don't teach them anything. 
 I'm here to help you and teach you EXACTLY what you need to flip cars for profit without wasting time or money!

Never Before Seen Information

I'm laying out my hidden gems. Everything I've learned from seminars, conferences, and 15+ years executing on being an expert on flipping cars for profit!
 200,000 YouTube Subscribers
 175,000 Tik-Tok Followers

Don't Take Our Word For It... 
Hear From Our Customers


When You Get This Best 
Selling Car Flipping Program...

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

Inside of CarFlipping101 I will be sharing with you hundreds of secrets to help you flip cars and generate tens of thousands in revenue for yourself.
Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside this highly requested program:

 Section 1: Car Flipping Secrets

  • Secret #1: How To Know What Damage To Shop For
  • Secret #2 How To Restore Paint, Trim, and Damage Cost Effectively.
  • Secret #3: 1 What Types Of Vehicles To Shop For And How To Make Money.
  • ​Secret #4: The “5 Tricks” To Get Customers Dying To Purchase Your Vehicles
  • ​Secret #5: How To Use Facebook Groups To Find and Sell Vehicles in 90 Days Or Less.
  • ​Secret #6: Why Not To Buy From Every Vendor (Detail Products, Dealers, Wholesale Auctions, etc)

 Section 2: How To Acquire Vehicles

  • Secret #1: Helpful Apps and Price Tracking To Ensure You're Buying At The Below Market Rates.
  • Secret #2 How I Price My Cars Out and How I Negotiate With Sellers
  • Secret #3: 1 Vehicle Titles Explained In Detail
  • ​Secret #4: How To Use Financing To Buy Vehicles For Flips Without Using Any Of My Own Money
  • ​Secret #5: Car Purchase and Repair Spreadsheet To Organize Every Dollar Invested Into a Vehicle  

 Section 3: How To Market Vehicles

  • Secret #1: How To Get Cheap CarFax Reports To Include In Every Listing.
  • Secret #2 Learn How To Get Cheap Listing Feed on AutoTrader, CarGurus, Etc.
  • Secret #3: 1 How To Take Photos and Videos For Your Vehicle Listing To Look Professional.
  • ​Secret #4: The “Winning Template" - Learn My Cut/Paste Description for Every Car Listing To Help It Sell QUICK.
  • ​Secret #5: Why Being On Social Media In This Industry Is The BEST Possible Way To Start…(And How You Can SKIP Over The Legacy Competition With What Is Working In The Market RIGHT NOW!)  
  • ​Secret #6: The “Critical Checklist” That You MUST Include In Every Listing To Create An Inspiring Experience For Your Customers, And Keep Them Moving Through Your Sales Process!  

 Section 4: Building Your Online Presence

  • Secret #1: How To Get Positive Reviews For Your Business
  • Secret #2 How To Manage Your Online Reputation ​​(Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, etc)
  • Secret #3: 1 How To Market Your Listings Using Social Media To Bring Warm Buyers Daily!
  • ​Secret #4: The “3 Scripts” I've Been Using When I Get Customers Calling On My Listings To Purchase A New Vehicle. This Includes Objection Handlers.
  • ​Secret #5: Why You Have A Competitive Edge If You Have A Strong Website and Social Media Presence. 

Not Enough? There's An Additional

 50+ Modules of Video Training Content

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    Program Overview:

    Craig aka Flyin' Wheels
    Founder of CarFlipping101

    "I always wished I had a mentor and someone to follow to learn the ropes. I put this program together so I could help other individuals that were in the same spot as me. No money, no experience, and the burning desire to get involved in the car flipping industry. At the end of the day, I've poured everything I know into this program to help you win and give back just like I did."

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    Join MYself & 75+ Other private members inside:
    Work Alongside Myself & My Team In A Private Facebook Group & University
    • What To Look For When Buying Used Vehicles and Equipment  (Value = $397)
    • Real World Examples and Negotiations While Buying Vehicles From A Customer ($297)
    •  'Battle-Tested' Buying and Inspecting Video Modules ($297)
    • Training on how to handle sales calls and cold call individuals selling their vehicles ($197)
    • How To Find Hidden Profits On Additional Vehicles or Equipment When Buying Cars ($297)
    • Watch a live sales call with a real individual selling their vehicle with negotiation tips. ($397)
    • How to inspect a vehicle for sale and determine if it's a solid flip opportunity. ($147) 
    • Learn how to walk away and set yourself up for a returning call from the seller ($197)
    • How to restore a vehicle using detail products so you can get the maximum amount of profit when you flip it ($197)
    • How To Use Social Media, YouTube, and Google To Market Your Vehicles and Brand FOR FREE. (PRICELESS)
    • BONUS: Learn to sell more cars than your state limit through this *hidden loophole* (PRICELESS)
    • BONUS: FULL ACCESS To The Flipping Cars Private Facebook Community w/ Craig ($597)
    • OVER 50+ VIDEO TRAINING MODULES: How to find the deal, negotiate the deal, fix and restore the deal, market the deal, and make HUGE PROFITS.

    Total Value: $1,488

      Join Hundreds Of Happy Customers

    How To Flip Cars For Profit...

    Knowing what to look for is critical in your business when flipping cars for profit. Learning how to negotiate, how to list, how to restore, and maximize profits is crucial to making sure you survive in this competitive game!

    By learning many of the secret hacks featured in this program, you remove the stress and burden of being tied to one make or model you're comfortable with. You also open the door to going to flipping all kinds of vehicles including Trailers, Jetskis, ATVs and more!

    Hidden Operation Secrets from 15+ Years In The Business

    While being in the business for so long, I've learned a thing or two. This means I'm here to save you from the costly mistakes i've made before. I've made the wrong purchases, I've financed the wrong way, I've sold to the wrong buyer. 

    I've made thousands of mistakes and as Warren Buffet always says... "learn from the mistakes of others, not from the mistakes of your own."

    Enjoy The Experience

    Who says flipping cars can't be fun?
    The entire time I've been flipping cars I've had an absolute blast! Obviously there are ups and downs running your own business. 

    Overall, this business is extremely fun, you meet a lot of amazing people, and you'll enjoy this experience if you're passionate.

    If you buy solid vehicles, have great customer service, and always put the customer first... you'll have a blast earning repeat business, positive reviews, and making a positive impact!

    Follow Your Passion

    "Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate." 
    The automotive industry is one that lures car enthusiasts all around the world into. If you have a passion for owning an automotive dealership, this program is perfectly suited for you and I encourage you to join the hundreds of other customers.

    Still Have Questions?

    Here's What Other Customers Have Been Asking...

    How Much Money Do I Need To Start?
    You don't need a lot of money to get into this business. I started a YouTube series where I turned $400 into thousands in profit by starting small. I'd recommend you start with a few thousand dollars minimum so you can flip higher quality vehicles.
    How Old Do I Have To Be To Start?
    18 or Older unless an adult is supporting you (ex. Parent, Relative, Grandparent)
    Do I Need A Car Lot To Become A Licensed Dealer?
    NO! This is one of the most significant benefits to joining this program. I'm going to teach you how you can become a licensed automotive dealer without owning an official dealership car lot. This is a common misconception online that you need a lot to get licensed... that's simply NOT true!
    Do I Need To Have Mechanical Skills To Make Money?
    Simple mechanical skills are helpful in this business, but not required if you want to use professional shops.  If you're going to be starting out, it's helpful to do small repairs yourself. I'd recommend investing in some hand tools and all other information to repair specific things is available on YouTube, Forums, and Facebook Groups.
    Do I Need Any Professional Detailing / Repair Equipment?
    You don't need any professional detailing or repair equipment. A simple toolbox with hand tools and household car detailing equipment.
     (ex. Bucket, Wash Mitt, Quick Detailer Spray, Microfiber Towels, Vaccum)
    Does This Work In All 50 States?
    This program works in ALL 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii! This information can be helpful to anyone in the United States!
    Does This Work For International Residents?
    This program is focused on the United States. This information can be applied to anywhere around the world. If you live outside the United States, you would find tremendous value out of the operations, acquiring vehicles, and marketing modules of this program. 
    I highly encourage you to join and see what you're missing out on!

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